Rev. Teng Xiong (Nchaiv Teeb Xyooj): Pastor for Preaching and Vision

Married to Kangza Xiong and the both of them have 3 boys ranging from 6 yrs to 13 yrs old.

Graduated from Simpson University in Redding CA with a BA in Youth Ministry in 2000. He served as the Youth Pastor for Grace Hmong Alliance Church in Milwaukee, WI from March 2001 to March 2010. Began pastoring at Calvary Alliance in January 2013 till now.

He is passionate about the word of God being accurately taught.

  Xf. Paul Vang: Pastor for Children, Youth and Young Adult

Paul started serving as the Associate Pastor at Calvary since February of 2016. In his position as Associate Pastor, he oversees the Children’s and Youth Ministry of Calvary Alliance.

He is happily married to his wife Gaonouchy since June 27th, 2015, and enjoys her assistance in all of life. Paul graduated 2013 from Crown College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Pastoral Leadership. After his undergraduate, he served in youth ministry as a volunteer till his call to Calvary.

In Paul’s ministry, he emphasizes the necessity and sufficiency of God’s word, convinced that is needed and trusting that it is thoroughly enough. Therefore, the ministry he oversees is grounded on faithfully teaching through the Word of God. His intention for the children and youth of Calvary is to provide big truths that they can grow into rather than small truths they can grow out of.

  Kl. Txhaj Foom Yaaj: Elders

Born 1955 to a Christian family at Ban Bo Ong in Xieng Khouang province, Laos. Recruited and served in the army in GM 23 as a field Medic then a FAG from 1971-1974 in military region 2. After the CIA withdraw from Laos and the fall of Saigon, Txhaj Foom was force to escape on June 30, 1975 to Nong Khai, Thailand to avoid the Lao and Vietnam communist persecution. 

In the refugee camp He was a Youth and a Sunday School Teacher. He was baptized later in that year under the leadership of Kx. Pang Ying Vang in a surrounding pond at the camp.

On April 30 1976 he came to America to live with his sponsor in the city if Westville, Indiana a small town south of Michigan city. Txhaj Foom married to his wife Yer Kue whom he met in the refugee in Thailand on December 25, 1977 in Reading, PA and lived in the Twin City, MN ever since.   They have 4 boys and 2 daughters and 8 grand children

He is employed by General Dynamics and has work there for 34 years and is still working there.  He was a member of the United Methodist Church from the 80 to 2008 then came to be a member of Calvary Alliance Church.


Kl. Ntsum Kaws Xyooj: Elders

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