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Evangelism is Necessary

Most of your experiences with evangelism, if you attempt to share the Gospel at all, is probably failing 99% of the times you attempt to evangelize, with few people ever converting. Your attempts are often met with silence or awkward looks, or even denial and rejection. You tried to articulate the Gospel but, you forget what themes to emphasize and missed others entirely. The good news is that you have been faithful 100% of the time when you studied the Word, prayed earnestly, and attempted to share the Gospel. Even better than that, it is not your job to change hearts and save souls; it is God’s work (John 3:16-21).

My history of sharing the Gospel is riddled with mistakes, forgetfulness and sometimes even rejection. Regardless of this, I did what I could to be faithful to Christ’s Commission. Nevertheless, I would like to think that my shoddy – but faithful – attempts to fulfilling Christ’s Commission was acceptable to God (2 Cor. 2:1-3). Being equipped to share the Gospel and being well versed in the Scriptures does wonders to evangelism but, I take heart in that I came to Christ through a shoddy presentation of the Gospel through a faithful attempt, so I believe God can work through you too, and your faithfulness to share about the reason for your hope and faith in Jesus Christ. Your incompetence should encourage you to set apart sacred time to study God’s Word to grow spiritually mature and improve your evangelism (1 Pet. 3:15). There are times even now, where when an opportunity to share the Gospel arises, I become nervous, fearful and unwilling to share. These experiences are not uncommon, but despite all this, we must continue to be faithful however we can. Be encouraged by the fact God can still do wonders through your shoddy attempts at evangelism (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Here are three things you can do to grow in faithfulness to sharing the Gospel.


Prepare a simple Gospel outline with some Bible verses to share. Also take time to prepare a summary of your testimony to share along with your presentation. There are many resources you can access such as your pastors, church members, books, and many other resources.


Practice sharing your Gospel presentation along with your testimony. You can do this with older mature Christians who can help provide constructive criticism on how you can improve.


There is no better way to learn than to just jump in and do it. You can start small by sharing the Gospel with unbelieving family members or friends. Sometimes sharing with friends or family we know, and trust is easier than speaking with strangers. Present your outline at church to visiting non-believers as well as those who are present in your day to day life. You will learn the most from these interactions. 

If we truly believe in the Gospel message, then we know what lies ahead of unrepentant souls. Our desire to share the Gospel confirms that we truly believe in the Gospel and its power to save. Until we have confidence in that good message, and truly believe in it, we will always find it hard to be obedient to Christ’s command to reach the world with the Gospel.

By Pastor Fong Lee

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